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club events - out and about with the MMCCV

Note: To all Morris Minor owners.
This page is provided for all who love Morris Minors.
If you see a run that is starting or ending near you, or we are passing through your town, please come and say Hi to us.
We love to meet fellow Morry lovers on our travels. You will certainly be made to feel most welcome.


19 August 2018

Morning Tea and Lunch>

Morning Tea at historic Woodlands Homestead at Oaklands Roaqd, Greenvale (Melway 177 H9), followed by a 25km run to the historic Coach and Horses Inn, 50 Station Street,Clarkefield.

Meeting at 10am at the Woodlands Homestead for either BYO or purchased morning tea (coffee $4.50 or Devonshire Tea $9.50 in homestead) followed by either a walk around and inspection of the homestead and grounds or visiting the champion race horse legends, living out their retirement on the property (fee charged).

We then depart the homestead by 12 Noon for the run to Clarkefield Coach and Horses Inn for the serving of lunch at approx. 12:45pm.

For those intending to come along to the lunch, I would appreciate you letting me know no later than our next club meeting date, the 9th of August. In the interim you may wish to examine the lunch menu of the Clarkefield Coach and Horses Inn on their website, which would assist the speedy serving of the meal on the day.

If the Club can muster up at least 20 members for the lunch, we will be given our own room with an open fire, so remember, let me know just as soon as you can, no later than the 9th of August.

For any queries please contact Michael Dobson on 0400 273 328.


21nd - 23rd September 2018

National Rally 2018, Canberra.

Please see the National Rally page for more information.
This will be conducted by the Canberra Region Morris Minor Car Club Inc.

This, the 19th National Rally, will mark the 70th anniversary of the production of the first Morris Minor.

There will be a comprehensive program, including opportunities for the sort of camaraderie that has highlighted previous rallies. Over the coming months, the organising club will regularly keep people up to date with their preparations. Our Hosts are planning to include most of the usual events associated with a National Rally; chances to catch up with MM enthusiasts, to have some fun, and to tour their wonderful region.

A highlight of the Rally will be a display, to be held in central Queanbeyan, marking the 70th anniversary of the Morry we all love so well.

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21st October 2018

Dixons Creek Cafe

More details later.


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    O    T    H    E    R          E    V    E    N    T    S


Tuesday 6th November 2018

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Once more, our charming hosts will be Henry and Marlene Edwards out in wonderful Whittlesea.

More details closer to the event.


Thursday 6th December 2018

Club Christmas Party

This year, the meal will be more substanial. More details later.


Sat 23rd Feb to Sat 2nd March 2019

Annual 5C Camp

More details later.



Impromptu Runs or Pop-up Runs on a week day

The Committee would like to encourage members to welcome other members to join them on their private morrie runs during the week, or whenever, to increase social interaction of members in-between Club meetings and the monthly weekend runs. This has been difficult to arrange previously when relying on either "the Generator" or just the monthly meetings to broadcast run arrangements.
But with almost everyone on the internet these days, it should be possible to get this happening immediately following the simple procedure outlined below.

As soon as you have a run in mind, preferably at least with 48 hours notice, send an email to the Editor headed "Pop-up Run" giving details of date, time & place of meeting, (McDonalds are good mustering places for coffee and initial toilet visit) and details of the intended destination and any suggestions for BYO food or café etc. plus your name and mobile phone number.
The Editor will then immediately forward your e-mail to all Club members listed on the Club database.
All you have to do then is turn up at the selected meeting point by the appointed time, and a good time can be had by all.
Feedback to the Club via any of the Committee members would be appreciated after such runs or at the next Club meeting.
Please note that Pop-up runs are not intended to replace the monthly weekend run, but be an additional Club activity.



Please think of runs you would like to do this year, or even next year,
and discuss them with the Club Captain.