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club permit scheme - MMCCV Inc

What is the Club Permit Scheme?
VicRoads will allow vehicles that are 25-50 years old to be on the road for a reduced fee. However these vehicles can only be driven on the road for a maximum of 90 days in a year. This is managed through authorized car clubs such as the MMCCV.

There are three types of Permits - H plates for historical vehicles, M plates for modified vehicles and S plates for street rods.

Basically Morries that seem pretty original are H plates and Morries with non Morris engines need M plates. Once you have modified a vehicle you need a VASS certificate (check the VicRoads web site for more information).

There are obligations involved in holding a club permit for your vehicle. You must carry and fill in the log book every day you drive it, if you don't your vehicle is unregistered. You cannot drive the vehicle in an un-roadworthy condition on Australian roads.

If the club becomes aware of an un-roadworthy CPS vehicle, they are obliged to ask you to fix it in a specified time and then report the vehicle to VicRoads.

The MMCCV Club Permit Scheme Officer, Wayne Cunningham, is a hard working volunteer and can be contacted to sort out any queries.
He can be contcted at:

If this permit is what you want you will need:

  1. To be a financial member of the MMCCV for a minimum of six months.
  2. Have a current road worthy certificate.
  3. Visit the VicRoads site  and Download the Club Permit Application form.
  4. Take six (6) signed and dated photos of the vehicle, namely, the front, rear, passenger side, driver side door open, the engine bay and the ID plate on the fire wall.
  5. A completed Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form.
  6. Three postage stamps (normal letter rate).
  7. To send the RWC, your filled in and signed Application, copy of proof of ownership, photos, stamps plus a $5 MMCCV Administrative Fee (in either stamps, cheque or cash) to the CPS Officer to establish compliance and for signature of approval.
  8. When the documents are returned, you must then take the Application form, RWC, fees that will include the TAC, Registration fee and log book fee and personal ID to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.
  9. On successful completion of the process, you must notify the CPS Officer of your Permit Number and the Date of Issue of this permit.

At the Customer Service Centre you will be issued with the Club Permit on the spot and you will also get the number plates, log book, Club Permit Certificate and labels.

VicRoads sends out the Renewal Application to you.

  1. To be a financial member of the MMCCV.
  2. Stamped self addressed envelope.
  3. Send filled in and signed Application and a self addressed envelope to the CPS officer to be approval and signature.
  4. When returned, you must then take the Application form to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre or mail them with the fee in as you won't need new plates.

Transfers from other clubs will be treated as a new registration except you won't need new plates. After you receive your Application back from the CPS officer you can mail your application to VicRoads.

There is lots more information available at:

Note:- The Club Permit Application Form and the 2 Guides are pdf files and will require you to have a pdf file reader installed on your system.

And of course from our CPS Officer, Wayne Cunningham, by Phone 0407 994 642 or Email: