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Membership Information

Membership of the Club is for one year from 1 April to 31 March in the next year. A membership includes 2 adults (plus any children involved in the Club) and it has 1 (one) vote at meetings.

We offer 2 types of membership that are defined by the method of delivery of our Monthly Magazine, "The Generator", and they are shown in the table below.

Annual Membership Rates :

Membership Type Full Year Charge
Posted: $60.00
Emailed: $25.00


New Application Membership Rates :    (A pro-rata Membership Fee applies if you join in the last 3 months of a Membership Year)

These rates include a Joining Fee of $15.

Membership Type 1st 9 months of year January February March
Posted: $75.00 $33.00 $27.00 $21.00
Emailed: $40.00 $21.00 $19.00 $17.00

Membership Forms Downloads :

pdf iconNew membership Application pdf iconMembership Renewal pdf iconLife Members

Please complete the form and send it to the Membership Officer as detailed below.
In either case, full details of the method of payment, including electronic funds transfer, are indicated on the forms.


Gift Certificate :

Why not give your Husband, Wife, Child or Grandchild one of our Gift Certificates for their next Birthday.
What a great present this would be!
(Click image below for more detail)

Gift certificate details

  pdf icon Download your Application for a Gift Certificate

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More information may be obtained by contacting:

The Membership Officer
PO Box 354
Balwyn VIC 3103

Click here  to send an email to the Membership Officer